Recycling Resources

The following resources will help you participate in Recycle-Bowl.

Recycling Resources for Recycle-Bowl

  1. For those that want to register more than one school

    Perhaps you are a parent with children in two different schools or you are a community wide recycling coordinator that provides recycling services to multiple schools, you can now register more than one school using one login email address. A How-To Guide can be found here. If you are new to the Re-TRAC Connect database, you will first need to make an account however.

  2. Volume to weight conversions

    If a school intends to use volume-to-weight conversion factors to estimate certain material types, it should review the official conversion factors provided by Recycle-Bowl. Check out the Estimating Data Fact Sheet  for help with conversions

  3. Competition Quiz (formerly called Certification Module)
    The quiz is for those schools estimating data and wanting more of an explanation about volume-to-weight conversion. It also tests you on various attributes of the competition. All schools can benefit from taking the module but it isn’t required anyone take it.

The following resources will help your school start or improve upon its recycling program.

Recycling Resources

  1. School Recycling Tipsheet

    This document provides 9 tips to start or enhance a school recycling program. To learn about other school recycling program attributes from Recycle Bowl, check out our Recycling Guidelines.

  2. Setting Up Solid Waste Recycling Programs in Schools Guide

    This guide by Dr. J. Winston Porter was written for Keep America Beautiful in May of 2007. It was created for a wide range of potential users, including administrators, teachers, and students, as well as many different types and sizes of schools, ranging from middle schools through community colleges. Sections include: Getting to Know Your Trash, Markets for Recyclables, Determining What to Collect in your Recycling Program, Setting Up Your Program and Educational Activities.

  3. Free Recycling Bin Decal Artwork

    The Recycling Association of Minnesota has free decals available for download. Recycling signs and labels can be custom made for your program. Click here to download 

  4. Inexpensive Recycling Bin Ideas

    Look for ways to get containers donated. Examples include:

    • Copy paper boxes from print shops
    • Milk cartons or bread containers from grocery stores
    • Syrup barrels from your local soda manufacturer
    • Buckets from a local construction site
  5. Grants for Recycling Bins

    1. Keep America Beautiful
    2. RecycleBank communities
    3. Project Learning Tree GreenWorks Grants
    4. Mississippi Recycling Coalition school recycling grant
  6. Recycling Bin Vendors

    This spreadsheet lists various recycling bin vendors.